Monday, June 18, 2012

Alcohol, Garage Sales, and Heartburn Oh My!!

I haven't done a second blog post until now because we were crazy busy trying to survive our first Garage Sale. I think we did well although our pricing judgement may have been impaired by alcohol extreme exhaustion.

Part of my plan to lose weight has been to focus on having my body working properly. My first step in that direction is to balance out the acidity that seems to be abundant by the daily episodes of heartburn that I would get. So I bought this thingy (the technical word I'm sure) that goes into my water bottle to alkalize the water. Since I started using that I have not had heartburn once in the last 3 1/2 weeks. Until last night. It is my own fault though as I don't think I ate one vegetable the entire weekend and I might as well have set up a caffeine IV drip over Friday and Saturday. But I survived and now I need to get back o n track!!

My one major lesson I learned over the weekend is that you should not go to the grocery store after 4 hours of sleep, 9 hours of garage sale operations and haggling, and a few Long Island Iced Tea (Boston Pizza Size!!). It's really not a good idea, especially if you get a bit giddy and giggly after a few wobbly pops (GUILTY). Looking back I am fairly sure that not everything in Safeway is absolutely hilarious. I am also fairly sure that several people probably thought that I was either stoned or a nut job or both.

The one major highlight of the garage sale was watching two adorable senior citizens take 20 minutes to dig through a bin of junk, literally, to pick out what they want, which in the end wound up being everything but some rocks, a broken bucket, and the bin itself. The things people will do for some cheap deck sealer, a Corona bucket and weed & feed right!

I'm going to force myself to do some yoga tonight, hopefully I'll be able to move this time.

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