Monday, July 30, 2012

Sorry bout that.

It has been a crazy crazy two and some weeks. I feel like I haven't had time to breath! We went to Stampede for a few days. We had the company barbeque. Then there was a movie night. We also went out with my Mom for my birthday, and then I went out with some friends then next night for my birthday. We had planned to stay home that weekend but that didn't happen either, hahaha. This past week included a sick day, a night out with a girlfriend, an impromptu fishing trip that turned into a day trip up to Canmore, a football game, and a Zoo day.

I haven't even had time to notice that I hadn't blogged in so long, or that I'm "suffering" the TWW! Ah well, no plans this week at all. So I can catch up on Big Brother and watch some Olympics. So proud of our Canadian Girls for winning a medal already!!! I love Diving, it's one of my favorite sports.

So I'm off to relax (as much as one can at work anyways) and I'll be back sooner this time :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Caffeine Drip goes here!

The lack of coffee is killing me, but I know I will survive. I've had headaches and I've been trying to up my water intake to help combat that. I did go to yoga Monday and it felt great. I wasn't even too sore after. I missed yoga last night though. My hair appointment was longer than I thought it should be. Oh, well at least it's a real reason and not just an excuse. I did not get home until 8:20 and the class unfortunately started at 7:55.

We're heading back to the Calgary Stampede tonight so that will mean lots of walking around, but I'm excited anyways. Then tomorrow is party time. We are going to a BBQ then to the Stampede Chuckwagon Races, and then back to the place having the BBQ for the after party. Should be a good time!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

And moving on...

Well I did not spontaneously combust yesterday, although I think that may only have been because the vast amounts of sweat were putting out the flames. But the rodeo was great. I had a great day with just me and my hubby (and the millions of others at the Stampede). We also bought our *winning* tickets for the dream home, the truck & trailer, and the truck & boat.

So my goal for this week is to do 3 yoga classes, Tonight is going to be hips & shoulders (ouch), and hopefully I get out of my hair appointment early enough on Wednesday to make it to the Yin Yoga class (please, it looks so relaxing), and then I'm aiming to hit up the Yoga Flow class on Saturday.

It's going to be a crazy busy week though!! Tuesday I am meeting up with a new friend to see Magic Mike, Wednesday is my luxurious hair appointment, Thursday we are hitting the Stampede grounds again to see all there is to see, and Friday we are back at Stampede for the Chuckwagons. Good times Y'all!!

My other goal for this week is to give up coffee. This may be a stupid week to do it but I'm tired of making excuses for myself. I can tell you that today sucks already but I intend to preserver. I am allowing myself green tea for now to avoid total caffeine withdrawl, plus I have about a week's worth left.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh Dear

So, here's the situation. On Wednesday I started taking the fertility drugs again. The one side effect I've really noticed is the hot flashes. Today is the hottest day of the year and we're heading out to sit in the sun at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo!!! I'll keep you posted on whether or not I spontaneously combust.

On another note I may have found a doctor that I really like. She believes in holistic medicine, she's testing everything including vitamin deficiencies, and she's going to personally do my acupuncture. She believes that through the acupuncture she can help balance my thyroid and insulin resistance to help me lose weight, and to help with my fertility issues. She also said it will help with my stress and depression. I'm just so happy to have a doctor that's not saying that I'm not out of whack enough for them to help me :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back to Normal

Sorry to everyone about the negative post yesterday. It was some stuff I just had to vent, but moving on...

So I had promised I would go to yoga but life got in the way. First I had not washed my yoga towel from the session before so it wasn't pretty, plus we were very unprepared for our long weekend camping trip so a lot of our time was soaked up with that. So here's a review of what's kept us so busy for the last two weeks.

First Book Club book, and I found out later hardly anyone had read it.

I went to my first book club with a meet-up group last Friday night. It was a good time but sometimes a little awkward as most of the women there had teen-aged or grown children. There were a lot of conversations that I couldn't really relate to. I won't let that stop me, they were wonderful women who are all in the same position as me in that they want to meet some new people but have a hard time with it. I will definitely be going back when they resume in the fall.

My darling husband and I went to our first meet-up group together to go see Rock of Ages. It was a hilarious movie and we met some people that we really enjoyed and look forward to hanging out with in the future. So all in all it was a successful night.

For the long weekend we went camping at Pigeon Lake. It was mostly good except for the rain on Sunday. We got soaked!! I might add that rain, cold, lack of sleep, and PMS are a horrible combination. It wasn't the happiest time that morning but we got through it. Otherwise we had a ton of fun. Jason's friend came out with a boat and we all got to go boating and fishing on the lake, of course we didn't catch anything, but it was fun regardless. My sister-in-law had a nibble but it got away :(

It was also our golden retriever Gibson's first boat ride. He was a little whiny but otherwise I think he did great. That is until later when he was acting like a petulant two year old. He kept going into the bushes and just throwing himself around and he would absolutely pout if we told him to get out of there. The poor dog was so tired. He went to bed completely willingly (which is not normal for him). But he loved it out there.

Jason and Gibson, believe it or not they are not posing.
Gibson believes he is hiding.

And last but not least we went to Bull Bustin last night for our anniversary. It was at Ranchman's and it was really good. Of course I will never understand how people can drink so much at 8.50 a drink but that's just my opinion. The bull riding was good and they definitely made a lot of money for charity with the calcutta.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Bitter Day

3 years ago today I spent our 5th wedding anniversary in the hospital having my first ectopic pregnancy removed. It had been the first pregnancy so we had been so excited. The entire day was filled with dread and depression and was the starting point for our fertility issues. So I have officially been dealing with fertility issues for 3 years now, I am not going to lie, I am having a hard time focusing on the fact that it should be a positive anniversary (wedding) opposed to a negative one. The fact that it is cycle day 1 makes the situation that much worse.

This is a sucky post but this is what is on my mind today and I needed to get it out there so that I can enjoy my husband and our love for our plans this evening.