Friday, August 31, 2012

A Good Week

I went to see my osteopath on Tuesday. I got to tell him that he has magic hands (that's what my Mom says anyways) because he did some work on me the day that I got a positive ovulation test. We were talking about some stuff and he believes that if a woman has all of her energies in order and a nicely balanced system before she gets pregnant then there's no reason for her to have morning sickness. I mentioned that I have not been sick yet but that I have had some pretty good nausea. All he said was hmm, and then he started working on my head. After falling asleep on the table and waking myself up by snoring (how embarrassing!) my head felt great. That night I had an amazing sleep and I haven't had any nausea since!! My stomach still gets a little flip-floppy when I need to eat but nothing like before. Maybe he really does have magic hands :)

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