Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We are now officially 14 weeks along, which means we are out of the troublesome 1st trimester YAY.

So far I am feeling good but this past week I have had some particularly brutal headaches. I mean migraine strength, feels like your eyeballs are throbbing headaches. I had to go home early yesterday because it was so bad and I don't even remember driving home (which probably wasn't really safe). So I found a wonderful chiropractor that specializes in prenatal care yesterday and i even got in to see her last night. She was amazing, turns out my neck was out of place and cramped up 6 ways from Sunday. She also did some active muscle release on my hip, which has been bothering me for awhile now too. Of course today I feel like I was beaten with a 2x4 but I can feel a difference too. My headache is far less severe and my hip and leg have not gone numb yet. I just have to wait for the swelling from the "fixing" goes down then hopefully I'll feel back up to snuff :)

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