Monday, July 30, 2012

Sorry bout that.

It has been a crazy crazy two and some weeks. I feel like I haven't had time to breath! We went to Stampede for a few days. We had the company barbeque. Then there was a movie night. We also went out with my Mom for my birthday, and then I went out with some friends then next night for my birthday. We had planned to stay home that weekend but that didn't happen either, hahaha. This past week included a sick day, a night out with a girlfriend, an impromptu fishing trip that turned into a day trip up to Canmore, a football game, and a Zoo day.

I haven't even had time to notice that I hadn't blogged in so long, or that I'm "suffering" the TWW! Ah well, no plans this week at all. So I can catch up on Big Brother and watch some Olympics. So proud of our Canadian Girls for winning a medal already!!! I love Diving, it's one of my favorite sports.

So I'm off to relax (as much as one can at work anyways) and I'll be back sooner this time :)

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