Thursday, February 27, 2014

Obviously that didn't work.

Clearly the daily food log did not work. I havent given up or even been eating all that bad, it was just too much on my already busy plate. I have lost 2.8 pounds, not as much as I'd like but it's going down and not up so at least I'm pointed in the right direction.

My new goal is focusing on yoga for the time being. The weather around these parts sucks and is in no way conducive to starting a walk/jog program, so that is going to have to wait for the time being and that way it's not something to feel guilty about.

Yoga has always made me feel good but sometimes I felt like I was missing the point or that I wasn't getting some kind of substance out of it. People talk about the deep inner peace and/or spiritual connection and I just don't get it. But the more I think of it the more I realize that it doesn't matter. I'm not saying that it doesn't matter at all, but it doesn't matter in the beginning. I'm too focused on making sure that I'm doing the pose right and that I'm able to even hold it that there is no way to feel some kind of inner peace...but the only way I am going to get to a point where that is not my focus is to keep on practicing so that I am able to get past that beginner fear.

I've heard great things about Yogalosophy- By Mandy Ingber and I am going to spend the next month focusing on her practices and mind-body makeover.

I start Day 1 in the morning....I'll check back in soon :)

Monday Weigh-in: 236.0
Previous: 238.6

Weekly goals:
Lose 1 pound
At least 5 days of healthy meals
Workout of some kind at least 3 times
Get more quinoa in my diet

Monthly goals:
Get a pedometer
Lose at least 4 pounds
Complete the Yogalosophy Mind-Body Makeover

Long-Term goals:
125 Pounds
Jog for an hour straight
Be a healthy role model for my daughter by creating a healthy life style opposed to fad/yoyo dieting.

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